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Railroad Co TrainController Goldrar

Railroad Co TrainController Goldrar

Railroad Co TrainController Goldrar is a software program for model railroad computer control. It is developed by Freiwald Software, a German company that specializes in model railroad software. TrainController Goldrar is the most advanced and feature-rich version of the TrainController series, which also includes TrainController Silver and TrainController Bronze.

TrainController Goldrar allows users to control their model railroad layouts with ease and convenience. It supports various digital systems, such as Märklin Digital, DCC, LocoNet, Selectrix, MFX, and others. It can also interface with many hardware devices, such as feedback modules, switch decoders, signal decoders, occupancy detectors, and more. TrainController Goldrar can handle complex layouts with multiple tracks, blocks, turnouts, signals, routes, schedules, and trains.


One of the main features of TrainController Goldrar is the automatic train operation. Users can define train schedules and itineraries for each train, and let the software drive the trains according to the specified parameters. TrainController Goldrar can also calculate routes and itineraries automatically based on the track diagram and the available blocks. The software ensures safe and realistic train operation by using block securing, interlocking, speed control, acceleration and braking curves, and collision prevention.

Another feature of TrainController Goldrar is the graphical user interface. Users can create a track diagram of their layout using the built-in editor, which offers various tools and symbols. The track diagram can be displayed in different views and zoom levels, and can be customized with colors, backgrounds, labels, and icons. The track diagram also serves as a control panel, where users can monitor and control the layout elements by clicking on them. Users can also create multiple windows and tabs to show different aspects of the layout.

TrainController Goldrar also offers many other features, such as sound effects, street car control, network operation, online update, data backup, import and export functions, and more. TrainController Goldrar is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. It requires a USB dongle for license activation and a PC with an internet connection for online update.

TrainController Goldrar is widely used by model railroaders around the world. It has been selected as the preferred control software for many professional exhibition layouts, such as the Museum St. Veit in Austria, the Freizeitpark Eversum in Germany, and the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. TrainController Goldrar is also praised by many users and reviewers for its functionality, usability, reliability, and performance.

If you are interested in TrainController Goldrar or other products from Railroad & Co., you can visit their official website or their online shop. You can also download a free demo version of TrainController Goldrar from their website or watch some tutorial videos on their YouTube channel.


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