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Our History

We are a small, in home, family breeder located in Riverside County, CA. We wholeheartedly LOVE Doodles & Poodles and LOVE the happiness they give or service they provide. When we think doodles, we see kindness, friendly, and healing. When we think poodles ,we see smart, royalty, and loving.

Breeding takes lots of education, patience, and dedication. We promise that Sunnymead has devoted extensive time to learning as much as we can to produce the best pups possible. We promise to continue to learn and educate ourselves to continue producing happy, HEALTHY, well rounded puppies. Matching the RIGHT puppy with each family/person is a high priority to Sunnymead. We are very willing to help families better understand each puppies dive and personality. All puppies are individually unique and have different purposes throughout their lives. We dedicate the time to determine what your puppies purpose will be for you.

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